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To Learn More About How AGP can Simplify Your School’s Graduation Season


AGP is software specifically designed for the production of Awards and Graduation Programs.

AGP is easy to use with step-by-step instructions which can be followed by anyone with minimal computer skills.

Designed by a former High School Activities Secretary – it allows up to 3 users to work simultaneously. Stop typing the senior list of names over and over again for various purposes. We know all the needs you have for the seniors and have a list for each purpose. There is no need for endless proofreading for typographical errors, so you can be sure that you won’t be embarrassed by a student’s name being misspelled. Easily import the names directly from the School District, edit them as needed and you have the Graduation Program ready for printing. Plus there are many more lists to choose from including marching order, and room assignments. Works seamlessly with Awards Program, so a version can be added to the Graduation Program.

Do you have special graduation seating assignments? Easily put the valedictorian in the first room, the band on one side or the other, move students as needed in the marching and seating order simply by using AGP.