Awards Night and Graduation is a

Huge Job

AGP can Simplify it for You and Your Staff

AGP was designed by a former High School Activities Secretary and it has been used, enhanced and tested by multiple schools for over 15 years. So we have thought of everything that could be needed for your school’s Awards and Graduation programs, as well as all the administrative documents to run efficient and beautiful ceremonies.

We understand the concerns of everyone involved. If you are a Principal, Secretary, Career Counselor, or District IT professional – we have your needs covered. Please see the tabs especially designed for your concerns.

AGP uses one database and allows up to 3 users to work simultaneously. There is no need for endless proofreading for typographical errors. Students’ names can be imported directly from the District and edited once so that there won’t be any errors on any of the awards or graduation documents. With a few clicks of the mouse after the award names are added to AGP, the Awards and Graduation Programs are done, including award certificates! You’ll even have all the supporting lists you can think of without having to type anymore!

AGP comes with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction manual that can be followed by anyone with minimal computer skills.

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